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  1. Tecnora Cremiere TCM 106 A

    The fully automatic espresso maker is more than an espresso coffee maker, it is a complete hot beverage machine. Part metal and part plastic body, the cremiere is the coffee connoisseur's final choice. Micro computer controlled dosage ensures perfect results every time. Additional hot water spout to add water to your espresso shot for long coffee or to prepare tea or even premix soups. Powerful Italian pump for extracting full coffee flavor, guaranteeing. ...

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  2. Brahmas PE Coffee Maker

    Coffee lovers can now enjoy their favourite beverage by making their own aromatic cup of coffee with our Electric Coffee Maker. You can make up to 15 cups of coffee in a jiffy Its energy efficient and saves up to 40% of coffee powder. The coffee maker has a translucent water tank that enables water level monitoring. ...

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